Ascension Healing Arts

Intuitive Healing and Energy Balancing:

Spiritual Direction:

Spiritual direction focuses on your spiritual questions: your soul longings, sacred experiences and your response to what is holy and meaningful in your life. This may involve experiences that have either drawn you closer to God, felt like obstacles on your path, or even unusual spiritual phenomenon. Spiritual direction works in tandem with traditional therapy, which focuses on more personal or psychological life issues.

Gentle Guided Meditation and Prayer:

This is meant to help you quiet your mind and listen with your soul. Listening clearly, you will find that the Divine and the Angels are always here to help you - you just have to ask. Free-will is your choice to ask, or not ask for help.

Aura Clearing & Chakra Balancing
Guided meditations, exercises and some physical bodywork to clear your auric energy field and chakras of stagnant energy, mild blockages and attachments that no longer serve you. Tools and exercises provided for regular self maintenance.

Exorcising Negative Entities and Home Clearing & Blessing:

As there is the sun and daylight, there is the moon and night time. It is impossible to have love and light without darkness and evil – this is the natural order of the universe. The mirror of the Angels who are God’s messengers and helpers, are the fallen angels who seek only to cause discord and suffering. Every culture has a name for these negative entities: Islam – Jinn or ghul, Catholic – demon, Tibetan Buddhists/Chinese – mara, Native America Lakota tribe – kaga, etc. An individual can be influenced or attacked by negative entities / demons, being a separate experience than something caused by psychological or emotional trauma.

*IMPORTANT NOTE*- There may be other, explainable reasons for a person having some of these symptoms. It does not necessarily mean a person is being affected by the demonic. Follow up with a mental health provider is advised for support.

Symptoms that negative entities are influencing or harassing you.

These behaviors are often out of the norm for the individual and often come on rather suddenly:

• Unexplained bouts of depression.
• Suicidal thoughts.
• Discomfort in church and worship.
• Unwarranted fears or anxiety.
• A racing of thoughts in the mind.
• Hearing subtle voices.
• Being extraordinarly accident prone.
• Reoccurring thoughts of harming others.
• Sense of being disconnected to life.
• Not feeling like yourself
• Emotional instability.
• Strange tics or body twitches.

Symptoms experienced when one is under attack by negative entities.
This is often written-off as having extremely bad luck.

• Severe unexplainable depression.
• Constant Suicidal thoughts & hopelessness; that life isn't worth living.
• Discomfort in church or near anything religious.
• Sudden infestation of home or physical space by insects, mice, etc.
• Constant string of extreme "Bad Luck" examples:
Car accidents, robbery, random vandalization of your property, unusual/random physical injuries (broken leg, sprain, food poisoning, etc.), identity theft, loss of job, etc.
• Reoccurring thoughts of violence.
• Sense of being disconnected to life.
• Sudden dramatic changes in personality.
• Visions of shadowly creatures at edges of vision.
• Extreme fear or anxiety.
• Physical pain that is medically inexplicable.

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