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Bio-Energy Healing & Virtue

Bio-energy healing is a modality that balances and aligns the physical body, mental state and emotions. It is a healing approach, which works with the subtle bodies, energy centers and avenues by which energy flows, opening channels and inducing rapid shifts. A combination of techniques are implemented to clear the bio-energy field with focused energy manipulation and gentle physical touch to remove blockages.

Bio-Energy, literally means “life energy”.

It is the energy of life.

Every cell in the human body runs on energy, emitting electric currents, which in turn compose the electro-magnetic bio-energy field surrounding our bodies. The bio-electrical component of our physical body is well known to the scientific community. It is electrical currents that run throughout our nervous system carrying messages to and from the brain, which are measurable with an electroencephalogram (EEG).


Virtue is an intense, High level Grace that works very quickly, breaking through blocks and directly addressing the issue at its source. Where Reiki is slow and takes time, Virtue is very fast, bringing the source of the issue directly to the forefront to be processed. Virtue goes where Reiki can not.

When experiencing Virtue, initially a deep sense of stillness washes through the body and senses, bringing immediate calm. Shifts are often rapid and sessions tend to be intense as much of what no longer serves you is released. Experiences vary from deep relaxation to emotional catharsis depending on the level of healing taking place.

Initially, there is dialog before treatment to establish particular areas requiring attention and to learn of the clients past and medical history. During a session, there is open dialog about any physical, mental or emotion troubles or experiences the client may have or have had as the treatment process often brings memories and physical sensations.

Common Sensations Felt During a Session:

• Tingling

• Buzzing

• Static and light shocks

• Energy flowing, sometimes rushing through areas of the body

• Warmth or cold

• Muscle twitching

• Pulling sensations

Examples of what Bio-energy Healing & Virtue
are Beneficial for:

• Circulation and breathing improvement

• Strengthen immune system

• Various physical trauma and injury

• Processing past physical/mental/ sexual abuse

• Anxiety and stress

• Chronic pain


• Relationship issues

• Depression, trauma and grief

• Emotional balancing, self-esteem,

• Mental clarity

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